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Market yourself and Monetize Displays

Monetize Displays

Generate a steady source of income to offset your running cost by enabling advertising on your TV Displays that aligns with and promotes your business. Our platform AI tech automatically identifies ads from brands you carry to drive sales and provide ad revenue share based on location and traffic at your store.

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Self Marketing Panel

Our platform allows you to transform idle TV screens into dynamic, engaging marketing panels that promote your business, products, and services. Don’t let your TV screens go to waste – turn them into a proactive marketing assistant for your business. Sign up now to start maximizing your marketing potential!

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One Device Does it All

A single device to turn your display into a self-marketing panel & also to monetize & provide an alternate revenue stream to our business.

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Enhance interaction, advance your brand and turn your displays into revenue sources


Marketing Assistant
$9/Deviceper month
  • $120 One time setup fee (device incld.)
  • Self Marketing CMS Access
  • Infotainment (News, Songs, Weather etc.)
  • Ad Revenue (Not Available)


Marketing Assistant + Revenue
$0/Deviceper month + get Ad revenue share
  • $60 One time setup fee (device Incld.)
  • AI Marketing CMS Access
  • Infotainment (News, Songs, Weather etc.)
  • Ad Revenue Share Mothly Payout

Pre-Integrated Monetization Options

Enable Ads that support & add value to your business, and allow you to generate a consistent income. Our system automatically finds ads of the brands you carry to boost sales and generate passive income.

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