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Being an OTT platform, PlutoTV is a leading advertising channel because of its access to millions of viewers who use the service every day. This makes the news of an ad-supported tier huge for advertisers looking to expand their marketing campaign’s reach.


OTT Advertisementoffer a widevariety of advantages


High engagement

Sports events tend to have high engagement from the audience, which can lead to increased recall and impact of the ad, making advertising effective.

Targeted audience

Sports channels tend to have a dedicated and passionate audience that is highly engaged with the content.


Advertising on sports channels is also often timed to be shown during breaks in the game, which is when most of the viewers are paying attention to the TV.

High viewership

Many sports events, particularly live ones, tend to have high viewership numbers, which can provide a large audience reach.

Number of monthly users Pluto TV worldwide from 2nd quarter 2020 to 3rd quarter 2022

Broaden Your Reach and want to Advertise beyond Pluto TV ?

Along with advertising on Pluto TV, we search across dozens of other streaming platforms to find where your target audience is watching. We deliver commercials designed to drive action for your business.

With high viewership options like Roku, Tubi, Hulu, and more available, we’ll reach your target audience on Connected TV where they already watch.


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