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Being an OTT platform, Disney is a prime advertising channel because of its access to millions of viewers who use the service every day. This makes the news of an ad-supported tier huge for advertisers looking to expand their marketing campaign’s reach.


OTT Advertisement offers a wide variety of advantages

Targeting specific demographics

OTT platforms provide advertisers with detailed data on viewer demographics and behavior, allowing them to target their ads to specific audiences.

Increased conversion

OTT advertising can lead to high levels of engagement and conversion as viewers are often watching content on these platforms with the intention of making a purchase or taking some other desired action.

High levels of engagement

OTT platforms are designed to keep users engaged for long periods of time, providing advertisers with the opportunity to create ads that will be seen and remembered.

Large and engaged audience

OTT platforms have a large and growing audience, providing advertisers with the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential customers.

Start streaming your ads now

Reach thousands of new potential customers and stream your ads on a platform that offers current TV hits, classic favorites, and binge-worthy Disney Originals.


Disney Plus subscribers worldwide from 1st quarter 2020 to 4th quarter 2022

Grab an opportunity to reach out to million of sports enthaustic audienes with customised geographics to promote your business.

Broaden Your Reach and want to Advertise beyond Disney ?

Along with advertising on Disney, we search across dozens of other streaming platforms to find where your target audience is watching. We deliver commercials designed to drive action for your business.

With high viewership options like Roku, Tubi, Hulu, and more available, we’ll reach your target audience on Connected TV where they already watch.


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