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Get Real-time insight of your listings, incentivize your customers to increase life time value and build loyalty.

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Focus on rendering best service to customers, no need to waste time to setup online payments. It's all done for you.

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Upload content, add listing description, select promotion duration - that's it. You are all set to reach new potential customers on Mobile and Display Network.

Mobile Listing

Reach potential customers in a breeze

vConnect platform is designed to maximize reach and connect businesses with customers. There are two channels to reach potential customers. Our DigitalTV network takes your business to the masses and vConnect Mobile app enables online purchases, engages, and connects customers to build long-term relationships.

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Upcoming Digital Display Network

Create traction with inbuilt intelligence

Unlike traditional signage displays which run advertisements in a loop, the vConnect's display platform uses data intelligence to select time and venue to advertise your business for maximum impact. It’s like an invisible worker, working for you all the time.

Anh han, it’s not expensive at all – you get full control on budget and flexibility to adjust campaigns. Check out early bird pricing.

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Impact Measurement

Keep an eye on growth with real-time status

Connecting Businesses with Communities is vConnect's motto. Our platform provides key statistics and helps businesses to measure the connection effect in real-time and design future promotions to build on the momentum.

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